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Eastern Washington Dirt Riders Association
A family oriented off-road dirt bike association in south eastern Washington State
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Spring 2017 Harescramble date:  February 26, 2017
Location:  Richland ORV Park
Here is the link to the 2017 race flyer:  2017 Spring Flyer
Here is the link to the 2017 Spring Race results: 2017 Race Results
Flyer terms:
Provisional:  A race class where pre-purchase of trophies is not made.  A trophy will be purchased and mailed to the winner if 3 people sign up for a race on race day.
Light:  A race class consisting of less laps than the full class.
Ultralight:  A race class consisting of less laps than the light class.
Need a term defined?  Send the webmaster an email.  See contact us button as the bottom of this page.
Race entry and park use fees:  $40 race entry.  $10 Park Fee.  Please bring money to the event.  There is no online registration.

Camping: For those who plan on coming to camp:  On Saturday night, the gate closes at 9 p.m so get there well in advance. 

Come and join in the fun for our fall Hare Scrambles race at the HRMC Motosports Complex on February 26, 2017. Saturday February 25th will be set up day for the course; for those that are available to come and volunteer we can sure use the extra eyes, and hands. Race day of course is the most crucial day that extra people are always needed. If you could come out and lend a hand you would be greatly appreciated and will be rewarded with dinner following the event. Please come to the regular club meeting at the Round Table Pizza on West Court Street in Pasco. It is right off the court street exit from 395 North or South bound. Greg Houchin club Treasurer will have the gate entry wrist bands for the volunteers. We will have plenty of information for you if you have never attended and we will be more than happy to explain what is needed of you.


Gates open Sunday February 26th, at 7:00am and signups start at 7.30am. All volunteers are required to stop at the gate and sign a waiver, and show your volunteer wrist bands in order to enter. If you do not have a wrist band at the gate you will be required to pay an entrance fee. If you plan on volunteering but will not be able to attend the meeting on Tuesday, please contact Greg Houchin at 509-783-1460. All volunteers must be stationed as an observer on the race course or helping with other duties in order to receive a wrist band for gate entrance. Pizza for all volunteers will follow at the end of the race at Round Table Pizza. Thank you in advance to all of those that can come and help put on this grand event.

For a brief history of the EWDRA harescrambles, click here  Hare Scramble History

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